Linda Dupree is a wonderful makeup artist. She did my makeup for a series I did called “Surprise Gardener”. It was a very tough job as we were on location for every shoot and worked long hours, dealing with the elements of wind, rain, cold and heat. She was always very professional and would go beyond the call of duty to make sure that my needs were covered. She is a lovely human being, gentle and Kind, and very easy to work with. I have worked with some of the best makeup artist in the world and am very particular about keeping the look very natural and not over made up. She provided me with such a perfect look, and I liked it so much that I had her take me shopping to buy the exact same makeup and colors for my own kit. I now have been using the items and I am so thrilled. Susie Coelho Glendale, Cal.

Your positive energy and the knowledge you share with clients is impressive. Everyone who attends your training programs is empowered with the information you share with them. I do so appreciate that you are also able to work with me at my Modern Day Finishing School. You are exceptional and I am honored to have you as a trusted colleague and expert in image consulting, etiquette and communication skills. Wishing you continued success. Gloria Starr

This class will inform you of things we as women need to know in today’s day and age. I was going into this class thinking I would know almost everything, but I was wrong; What I learned was extremely informative and priceless. I corrected a lot of my mannerisms and came out of this class with double the confidence. Christine, Atlanta, G

Linda is simply amazing! She absolutely transformed me and a number of my clients in a single day. I have never known a professional who could simultaneously relate to adults and teens and deliver multiple superb looks for each. My 16-year old stands taller today – much more confident in her appearance because of Linda’s training and advice. And I have finally “mastered” the look Linda gave me, and I am now routinely complimented on my appearance. My other clients were amazed at their transformations. Because of her skills and superb professionalism, the event was an overwhelming success. Her ability to easily establish rapport makes her extraordinary skills even more exceptional and makes her a rare gem. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Linda to anyone who is looking to transform themselves along any line from the most natural to the most exotic. In my opinion, she is without equal. Pat Walker, Locke. Life Plan Services

Linda is by far the best, and nicest, makeup artist and stylist I’ve ever worked with. Transforming ordinary to extraordinary is more than just a slogan for her. She takes a genuine interest in her clients and not only revolutionized my look for special events but also gave me tips on how to increase my everyday style impact. She has a gift for spotting just the right changes to highlight your best features from nose to toes, whether you are looking for a chic take on buttoned-down office attire or show-stopping drama for a night on the town.” Lauren Bedsole